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About Auxilyum Technologies

When it comes to using your technology, you just want it to work. It should be fast, it should be useful, and most importantly, it should get out of your way. At Auxilyum, we know how to fix what you've got, or get you what you need, so that your technology isn't a headache, it all just works.

160 Satisfied Customers
6,632 Hours of Support
486 Supported Machines
3 Hard Workers

Your technology should be working for you

From desktop to laptop, Windows to Mac, from server to service, we've got you covered.

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Responsive Team

We set you up with the best ways to contact us, and we respond as quickly as possible.

Fast Solutions

Knowing how you work and what you need to get your day moving more efficiently is key.

Innovative Ideas

We keep on top of new technologies and trends to better your office so you can focus on your business.

Good Documentation

You won't ever wonder how something was accomplished because we document everything we do.

Emergency Services

We work around your needs to keep your office running smoothly, and if an emergency happens, we'll be there to fix it.

Full-time Support

Without the full-time bill. We keep you running, you keep doing you.

Give us a call!

You know if your IT support is working for you, and if you don't know it, it's not working. Give us a call and we'll gladly meet up with you, triage your situation, and get you an idea of what you need - with estimates and timelines included.

Meet our team

Kev Hamm CEO, Partner

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Did you restart it? Twice? I'll be right there.

Alex Lee CTO, Partner

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Ok, I'll drive over as soon as I'm done with this printer.

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34 N Last Chance Gulch
Suite 103
Helena, MT 59601

You can email kev@ or justin@ or alex@ if you'd like to reach us electronically.

+1 (406) 813-2773